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13 FebGuide For Second Dates

So the first date was a success and you have a second date lined up. While you can be more relaxed, you will still be under the microscope. It’s not time to show up in sweat pants with a pizza just yet. Here’s what you should know to make the second date as successful as the first.

Where to Go

Conversation is just as important on a second date, but you can now start looking at activities where silence is okay. Some good examples would be an art film, a gallery, or a museum. Follow this up with a nice dinner where you can discuss what you saw earlier. This will open up the door for more communication and allow you to discuss more interesting things that you just shared.

A Little More Personal

While you don’t want to get too deep quite yet, you can start talking about family and your plans for the future. It’s still a good idea to avoid talk about the ex and situations which may not have been pleasant. If you have happy childhood memories, a second date is a good time to bring them up. You may be tempted to spill your heart at this point, but don’t. It’s too soon to move too fast.


It’s a personal preference, but it’s a good idea to avoid sex on the second date. You still don’t know the person very well, and you could potentially end up involved in a prolonged one night stand. A kiss is a great way to end the date on an intimate note without going too far.