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30 MarWhat to Take With You on Your Date

Planning for a date isn’t as simple as just grabbing your wallet and heading out the door. There are several things you want to make sure you have just in case you need them. It’s better to have everything and not need it than it is to need something and not have it.

Cell Phone

This is the most important accessory you can carry with you on a date, especially if you are dating someone you haven’t been out with a lot. The cell phone should be fully charged. This can become your lifeline if something goes awry.

Extra Clothing

Even if you don’t plan on staying out overnight, having another set of clothes is just good sense. If you spill something, or find you are dressed inappropriately for the date you can easily change. And if the date does turn in to an overnight affair, you won’t have to wear the same clothing the next day. It’s a good idea to also pack toiletries in this event so that you have everything you need to clean up in the morning. If you eat a meal on the date that is overly pungent you will have what you need to brush your teeth, and if you go dancing you will have deodorant to freshen up.


Other than the essentials, if you are a man picking up a lady for the first date, you should have some sort of small gift to offer her. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, just a small token of your appreciation. This will make a great impression and follows traditional dating rules. Chocolates, tea, and flowers are all good ideas.