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30 MarWhat to Take With You on Your Date

Planning for a date isn’t as simple as just grabbing your wallet and heading out the door. There are several things you want to make sure you have just in case you need them. It’s better to have everything and not need it than it is to need something and not have it.

Cell Phone

This is the most important accessory you can carry with you on a date, especially if you are dating someone you haven’t been out with a lot. The cell phone should be fully charged. This can become your lifeline if something goes awry.

Extra Clothing

Even if you don’t plan on staying out overnight, having another set of clothes is just good sense. If you spill something, or find you are dressed inappropriately for the date you can easily change. And if the date does turn in to an overnight affair, you won’t have to wear the same clothing the next day. It’s a good idea to also pack toiletries in this event so that you have everything you need to clean up in the morning. If you eat a meal on the date that is overly pungent you will have what you need to brush your teeth, and if you go dancing you will have deodorant to freshen up.


Other than the essentials, if you are a man picking up a lady for the first date, you should have some sort of small gift to offer her. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, just a small token of your appreciation. This will make a great impression and follows traditional dating rules. Chocolates, tea, and flowers are all good ideas.

13 FebGuide For Second Dates

So the first date was a success and you have a second date lined up. While you can be more relaxed, you will still be under the microscope. It’s not time to show up in sweat pants with a pizza just yet. Here’s what you should know to make the second date as successful as the first.

Where to Go

Conversation is just as important on a second date, but you can now start looking at activities where silence is okay. Some good examples would be an art film, a gallery, or a museum. Follow this up with a nice dinner where you can discuss what you saw earlier. This will open up the door for more communication and allow you to discuss more interesting things that you just shared.

A Little More Personal

While you don’t want to get too deep quite yet, you can start talking about family and your plans for the future. It’s still a good idea to avoid talk about the ex and situations which may not have been pleasant. If you have happy childhood memories, a second date is a good time to bring them up. You may be tempted to spill your heart at this point, but don’t. It’s too soon to move too fast.


It’s a personal preference, but it’s a good idea to avoid sex on the second date. You still don’t know the person very well, and you could potentially end up involved in a prolonged one night stand. A kiss is a great way to end the date on an intimate note without going too far.

25 DecFirst Impressions on Your Date Matter

When you go on a first date, you have a single chance to get a second date. A first date is like a job interview. You won’t have another chance if it doesn’t go well. Because of this, you need to understand that first impressions matter greatly when you on the dating scene.
If you show up for a date looking like a slob, your date is going to assume that you didn’t care enough about the meeting to take the extra time to make yourself presentable. It sends a very bad message, even if unintentional. If you are going to be working and know you must show up in dingy work clothes, make sure they are aware of this before hand. It’s a much better idea to postpone the date by an hour or so to allow time to get ready. Wear neat clothing, and make sure it’s appropriate for whatever it is you have planned.
It is best to avoid sensitive topics such as religion and politics. But you will want to be able to keep the conversation going. Hopefully you were able to talk to your date before hand and get to know a little about them. This will give you something to keep the conversation going. If this is a blind date, you won’t likely know a lot about them. This is a good opportunity to get to know the person better by asking about sports interests, taste in music, movies, etc. Long pauses and uncomfortable silences won’t go a long way when it comes to the first impression.