29 JanFeeling Sexy on Your Date

Feeling sexy is important if you want to set the right mood for your date. Even if you aren’t planning on going any further than just a date, if you don’t feel sexy it will come across in your body language. There are several things you can do to help amp up this feeling without coming across as being too desperate.
Start With Undergarments
The sexiest thing you can do before a date is to wear sexy garments under your outfit. For a woman, the feeling of lace panties or a thong can really help you feel sexy. Even if you don’t have the intent of sharing this, it can be a great little secret that keeps you feeling ardent.
Hair and Nails
Another way to keep you feeling passionate is to treat yourself to a good manicure and hairstyle before the date. Having your hair and nails done will only take a few hours, and you don’t have to do it on the day of the date. Have this done the day before to maximize your time. Not only will you feel fierier, your date will appreciate the extra time you put in to your appearance.
Remember Your Lips
Using a good quality lip gloss or lip slick will automatically amp up your sex appeal. A sexy lip pout will bring attention to your mouth, which will rev up your date. You will also be able to feel the slickness which will bring your attention to a sexy area of your body.
Spice It Up
To really get the date off with a bang, watch some naughty videos, if you fancy some good real life amateur action then take a look at some swingers videos, they should certainly help to get you and your partner in a sexy mood.

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