25 DecFirst Impressions on Your Date Matter

When you go on a first date, you have a single chance to get a second date. A first date is like a job interview. You won’t have another chance if it doesn’t go well. Because of this, you need to understand that first impressions matter greatly when you on the dating scene.
If you show up for a date looking like a slob, your date is going to assume that you didn’t care enough about the meeting to take the extra time to make yourself presentable. It sends a very bad message, even if unintentional. If you are going to be working and know you must show up in dingy work clothes, make sure they are aware of this before hand. It’s a much better idea to postpone the date by an hour or so to allow time to get ready. Wear neat clothing, and make sure it’s appropriate for whatever it is you have planned.
It is best to avoid sensitive topics such as religion and politics. But you will want to be able to keep the conversation going. Hopefully you were able to talk to your date before hand and get to know a little about them. This will give you something to keep the conversation going. If this is a blind date, you won’t likely know a lot about them. This is a good opportunity to get to know the person better by asking about sports interests, taste in music, movies, etc. Long pauses and uncomfortable silences won’t go a long way when it comes to the first impression.

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